Our mission
and values

Aimcare health is strengthening Africa’s primary healthcare system by sourcing, financing and distributing affordable medical and supplies to pharmacies and clinics. Our approach provides healthcare providers with world class products on the go, and the ability to afford these products, allowing them focus on more clinical stuff. 

“For a healthier Africa”

Our Vision

To put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of everyone in Africa

Our Mission

To ensure Africa’s primary healthcare is better equipped and prepared to address the continent’s most pressing health needs.

Guiding principles

Less is more.

We believe simplicity is key. For us, our approach must be simple, our solutions simple and our thinking simple. Often what we need is not the most advanced tech or million-dollar devices, but simple, yet effective solutions required in communities.

Build fast

We are not just dreamers with big ideas. We take those ideas and are relentless in executing, as fast as we can. Scale and speed go in tandem

Always collaborate.

We believe in partnerships, as they are a big part of our work and thus, we are always open to collaborate with others. One tree does not make a forest.

It can be done.

We have a can-do attitude towards our work. Regardless of how or simple or complex the task is, our attitude is the same; it can be done.

Prioritise customers.

Our customers are the reason we are in business. Hence, we are super customer-centric, always carefully listening to their feedback and building tailor made solutions to address those needs.


We'd love to tell you more about how we help transform healthcare in Africa.