For patients

Live healthy

Without medical devices and supplies, common medical procedures – from bandaging a sprained ankle, to diagnosing HIV/AIDS, or any surgical intervention – would not be possible.

Delivering Affordable Healthcare


We are ensuring that through your local clinic or pharmacy, you have access to the essential

immunizations, contraception, anti-infectives, diagnostics, ophthalmic care devices and supplies at the best possible prices.

Access to a $60B Market

Have benefits of a satellite office in African locations, without incurring large fixed costs

Knoweldge of Local Market

Use our knowledge of the local market to navigate regulatory risk and leverage our relationships to drive growth.

Roubust Marketing Team

We ensure end to end success. Our sales team works with our local partners to help them onboard and offload your products.

Sales and Distribution networks

Leverage Aimcare's channel partners with access to over 1000+ pharmacies, patent stores and hospitals/clinics.

We democratize access to Medical Supplies

Aimcare is a pharmaceutical marketplace that brings West Africa’s pharma sector to global manufacturers and local vendors in its network with services that help them reach more customers, improve cashflow, and streamline logistics.


Medical Products Produced




Hospitals, Patient Medicine Stores,

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